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Rami Chahine, CPO, Jahia SolutionsRami Chahine, CPO
Considering today’s customers who are more accustomed to diverse digital channels, organizations must have a proper strategy to optimize their digital experience. Tapping valuable insights from large and disparate customer datasets is the key to it. However, leveraging customer data that comes through different channels is a task easier said than done. Businesses need a way to unify that data to understand customer preferences, behavioral patterns, and deliver personalized experiences. This is where Jahia comes in.

Built to simplify the digital experience across various digital touchpoints, Jahia provides open source content management and digital experience solutions. “Our platform comes with two out-of-the-box engines—Content Management System (CMS) and a Customer Data Platform (CDP)” Rami Chahine, CPO at Jahia. Further, being open source, the Jahia platform equips implementers with ultimate flexibility to connect it to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, CMS, marketing tools, and mobile apps. It becomes a ‘hub’ that delivers the content and customer data to the rest of the marketing stack from different locations to make customer targeting seamless.

The company offers three applications: jContent, jCustomer, and jExperience. While jContentis a hybrid CMS allowing digital marketers to create, edit, publish, and distribute the content across multi-sites in multi-languages, with all the permissions, jCustomer is a headless customer data platform having enterprise-level support and Jahia connectivity. With more than 400 connectors, it can be connected to Salesforce, Marketo, any other cloud solution, or on-prem databases. Such integration enables marketers to have all the data at one location and have a 360-degree view of their customers. Jahia’sj Experience, on the other hand, connects the content being created with data.
“The minute you create any piece of content, we will start tracking its usage such as the demographics of people viewing it,” elucidates Chahine.

At Jahia, we make the solution simple, extendible, stackable. Instead of impelling customers to purchase a suite of products, we allow them to buy certain pieces that meet their needs

More importantly, Jahia’s offerings can run seamlessly within Jahia Cloud without any need for local deployment, which ensures the ease of use and seamless serverless experience. “Our clients don’t have to worry about deployment. They can directly tell us the history of usage, and we can then scale up and down their cloud servers based on that. It also gives them flexibility from a price perspective to pay exactly based on their consumption, not based on their server sizes,” Chahine mentions. “At Jahia, we make the solution simple, extendible, stackable. Instead of impelling customers to purchase a suite of products, we allow them to buy certain pieces that meet their needs,” comments Chahine.

Offering powerful digital experience capabilities, Jahia has gleaned a legion of clients. In one instance, Jahia evolved the ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s digital strategy by launching new websites on time, updating content regularly, and supporting evolving digital marketing priorities. The company combined Ben & Jerry’s global and local digital campaigns, social activism, and product promotions into meaningful content for its local audiences, in sync with offline campaigns.

With such instances of client success up their sleeves, Jahia has drawn a comprehensive roadmap for the coming years. Striding ahead, the company recently released Version 8 of Jahia, which continues to improve their customers' ability to provide data-driven personalized content to their own customers. Further, to enhance the digital experience, Jahia is planning to introduce machine learning and analytics capabilities, which will help customers target, create, publish, and track the content more effectively. Based on the usage of content and consumption by customers, the platform itself will start recommending personalized content. “We are trying to lead with our product and have the technology speak by itself, instead of several PowerPoint meetings,” concludes Chahine.
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Rami Chahine, CPO

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