numero: Defining its Own Space in the World of Customer Experience Solutions

Gary Broadbent, Head of Commercial, numeroGary Broadbent, Head of Commercial
The landscape of customer experience (CX) solutions is a vast and varied one. The many different areas it spans create huge scope for vendors, with a diverse array of providers vying for market share. They range from customer service and business process management solutions offering multi-channel packages, to telephony sellers and ticketing systems that are all after a piece of the customer experience pie.

A Changing World

Increased automation plays a key role, and the use of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology has only quickened the pace of the race, as companies try to stay a step ahead of their competitors. Meanwhile, alongside the quest for the ultimate “frictionless” customer experience, businesses are contending with more regulation and ever-present security threats.

New regulation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe which came into force in May, has also had a major impact on the customer experience marketplace. Some of the methods companies previously used—for example, asking customers to e-mail personal identifiable information such as identity and address documents—have now become non-compliant and are therefore forcing businesses to explore other avenues, so they don’t end up taking a step backward.

Agile Solutions

Against this backdrop, here at numéro (now part of TransUnion), we’re constantly improving our offering, with products and solutions to help businesses add value to each customer interaction and improve the customer journey, throughout the lifecycle. We also enable them to make faster, more consistent customer decisions, in line with their own growth strategy, risk and fraud policy, and regulatory requirements.

Looking ahead, we intend to differentiate our product suite, which is currently available in the U.S. and the UK, by utilizing our years of expertise in the customer experience arena and combining it with our wider skill sets, and applying it to specific area— originations.

We’re constantly improving our offering, with products and solutions to help businesses add value to each customer interaction and improve the customer journey

In the world of loan originations, we’re working with various challenger banks and building societies, as this is a customer journey where the business can leverage not only our customer experience know-how, but we can bring into play our wider expertise in identify verification, affordability, credit checking, and more, bringing together multiple aspects of the process in one simplified approach.

That’s not to say the product need always be a loan—in the gaming sector for example, we work with many clients to verify identification and check affordability before they allow customers to open accounts. No credit is provided, since the customer will pay funds into the account, but businesses still need to carry out the relevant checks—particularly with new rules on responsible gambling coming into force—and also to ensure they comply with anti-money laundering directives.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Basics

Having been in the customer experience solutions market for over ten years, we’ve seen a dramatic change in that time. There are constantly new technologies at play— from chatbots and WhatsApp to virtual assistants and facial recognition—but there’s a fine balance to be struck between a frictionless journey and the need to reassure customers with some personal interaction.

There’s also more regulation to contend with and a lot of competing demands. However, the basics of good customer experience remain the same—technology doesn’t change those; it should merely enhance the customer journey to make it as easy and quick as possible, whilst also helping businesses to reduce costs through a streamlined process.

The customer experience solutions marketplace remains as crowded and fast-paced as ever, but we’re determined to build on the current status of numéro and affirm its place at the front of the pack. Find out more at