SERVICE 800: CX Programs That Drive Action

Jean Mork Bredeson, President, SERVICE 800Jean Mork Bredeson, President
What does it take to make a Customer Experience program the very best? SERVICE 800 says that it’s not just measuring CX timely and well, it’s creating awareness and ownership of the customer’s experience at the front line. Companies that deliver real-time feedback and establish clear customer accountabilities to those that touch the customers every day experience a higher propensity for growth.

Jean Mork Bredeson, President of SERVICE 800, says, “It’s remarkable that many organizations that hold customer experience paramount, don’t necessarily have timely customer experience measurements built into their strategy, and many don’t relay CX insights to the managers and supervisors that can benefit from the insight. With CX more touchable, our clients see remarkable improvement in customer and staff retention, cost control and profit when CX is woven into the day-to-day operations. ”

Founded in 1989, when technology companies began to see profits shifting from product sales to service sales, SERVICE 800’s concept of listening to customers within minutes or hours of their service experiences was revolutionary when most companies surveyed only once a year. SERVICE 800 positioned itself then and continues to support real-time learning from customer feedback, and to enable easy consumption of the data at all levels, especially the customer-facing staff who can make a difference every day.

Working in 30 languages every day, SERVICE 800 and its systems receive details of completed service events or of “touch base” opportunities minute by minute. Selected customers are asked for their feedback via phone, email, web, IVR and text interactions. That feedback moves into SERVICE 800’s real-time eSMART interface which produces alerts, dash boards and statistical tools for those that can react best.

CX programs and minute-by-minute insights are beginning to grow business strategies and relationships—a space where SERVICE 800 excels

SERVICE 800 systems have evolved to accept service and customer data from multiple sources from around the world. Since no two clients use the same CRMs, service tracking software or internal tools, SERVICE 800 and its SalesForce app constantly accept data in all formats and streams data into its proprietary systems. Much like a waterwheel, service data at all stages moves forward as it’s enriched with customer observations.

Bredeson asserts “The power behind CX keeps changing every day, especially since it’s no longer just about measuring customer’s satisfaction. Instead, it’s all about big data. Now that extensive information on events, products, solutions, customers, geography, etc is available, additional layers of feedback in a carefully designed data model can be startlingly revealing. Imagine how exciting it can be to identify the specific characteristics that cause a customer to renew or to buy more!”

For almost 29 years, SERVICE 800 has been designing and administering Customer Experience programs that don’t just produce accurate and timely metrics. An important element in the development of each SERVICE 800 program has been its focus on collecting the right data and on delivering insights to the right people that can act to keep customers close.

SERVICE 800 clients typically renew year after year, some for as long as 20 years. “When we talk about CX, many of us might be thinking about measurements,” attests Bredeson. “But what we should be thinking about is Action. The power of CX lies in the Actions that ultimately improve customer experiences in ways that drive business. SERVICE 800 is all about building and feeding the appetite for the actions that make the biggest difference, the actions that drive success.”